Welcome to Our Journey

As I sit here with a cup of warm tea, gazing out my window at a perfect view of a gorgeous crescent moon through the silhouette of the tall spruce trees, my heart is at peace.

We live a life that many may find… boring? Weird?

I strive daily to keep our lives simple. It’s definitely not an easy life, but I want it to be filled with wonder, learning, nature, making memories, and love. Not full of “stuff”. Not always rushed. Not overwhelmingly busy, leading to high anxiety, high stress and general unhappiness. I have been there, I lived that life for years, raised 3 of my six children in that life because I thought that was what “we” were supposed to do.

For some reason I had a sharp shift in mindset. Honestly, I still don’t know what caused it. But I was done. I could lay in my bed in the morning and know what time it was by which neighbor was slamming doors and starting cars, no alarm clock needed. We had lived in that house for 9 years, 3 of our children grew up in that neighborhood. And one day, I was completely over it all. I convinced my husband that we needed to put the house on the market and move an hour and a half away, in the woods. At that point we had a very little kiddo #4 and was expecting #5. Talk about nuts. It was a big transition. Still is, 5 years and one more little later.

Not only did we move to the sticks (and bears), but our lives had to drastically adjust from what was our norm as the little girls started showing signs of food allergies, histamine intolerance, and my own onset of rheumatoid disease. We became “crunchy” pretty quick. It’s been such an awesome journey ~ growing, raising and hunting for our food, tackling our health issues as naturally as we can, we home school, and I created a business growing microgreens year round. My love for herbalism has grown so much (Maybe too much according to my overflowing apothecary cabinet) and practicing natural wellness is quickly becoming a way of life for us.

We were never a religious family but always practiced the “traditional” holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc because… that’s how we grew up. I find now that nature has become my religion, as weird as that may sound to some. We celebrate moon cycles and equinoxes, our lives ebb and flow with the rhythm of the changing seasons. Alongside the girls, I am learning SO much so that I may teach them these things. It’s been such a fulfilling experience.  As we continue down this path, I am excited to share in hopes that others may find that maybe they would find joy in being boring and weird too ~ Thanks for joining me!


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