Happy Ostara

I absolutely love Ostara ~ honestly, it may be my favorite day of the year. Winters here are hard. And long. And cold. Right around this time every year it feels like it may be the year that winter just doesn’t end. The arrival of Ostara lifts my spirits and renews my faith that although it does not look or feel like spring outside, it IS on its way. And then I get all excited and want to start seeds, and order all the chicks, berry bushes and fruit trees. LOVE this time of year ~

I was so giddy unpacking our decorations yesterday. The girls helped me set up our alter and get everything ready for today. Our alter this year 20180320_212941was simple, a twig bird next with eggs, bunnies and beeswax candles on a wood slab.

First thing this morning I sat down for quiet coffee ~ the best kind ~ and set my intentions for a fertile season (agriculturally speaking that is… ahem…) full of good health, abundance, and creating plenty of memories. Then the girls got up and we talked about spring, and how in the world could it be spring when there’s still 4 feet of snow outside, and how we will start to hear the birds singing in the morning within the next couple of weeks. Then the begging for baby chickies started. See? I swear I do it for them, not myself. Convinced? Ha, me either.

After breakfast and the venture outside to feed chickens, load the wood boiler, and play for a bit, we came in for some first day of spring tea ~ I made a blend of stinging nettle, dandelion leaf, rose buds, lavender, and a bit of dried lemon peel. 20180320_213100Both the nettles and dandelion leaf are excellent sources of calcium (which we get primarily from greens due to dairy allergies) and vitamins A and K. I try to get nettles in the girls most days of the week ~ it’s a great overall anti inflammatory and anti histamine source. Rose buds work to boost the immune system, soothe the digestive system, provide vitamins A,B3,C,E,K, and just make the heart happy. Lavender aids in digestion and helps to reduce anxiety. Seriously, it was glorious springtime sunshine in a mug. Delicious.

While enjoying our tea, we colored the Ostara pages from our Book of Shadows coloring book and I had Miss V work on handwriting with words and phrases pertaining to the day. To finish off our fun we painted new little bird houses, you know the cheap wooden ones at the craft stores? We decorate new ones every spring. This was Miss J’s first year to participate as well (she’s 2) pretty sure I made sure to do them when she was napping last year. It was messy as all get out, but so fun. We kept it really simple this year, but here’s some other neat family friendly ideas to try :

  • start seeds
  • or start your garden if you’re in a warmer location
  • make bird feeders with seeds and peanut butter
  • make grapevine wreaths, decorate with spring flowers (real or fake)
  • make felted bird nests and eggs
  • go on a nature walk and look/listen for signs of spring
  • any activity that represents spring to you and your family

It really makes my heart happy to make these memories with the girls. It’s all little stuff in the grand scheme, but SO important for them. And me.

Do you celebrate Ostara? I’d love to hear how others spent today!

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