We Heart Hemp

People are funny. Hemp has a weird, and unwarranted stigma. Some people know that it is *just* a plant (a pretty amazing one I will add), but some are almost embarrassed to discuss it with me openly, so it’s in hushed voices or questions hidden in messages. Which is fine of course, any opportunity to educate on the awesomeness of hemp is wonderful and welcome, but I must say that I find it interesting. It’s just a lack of knowledge ~ I get it.

But then there’s those that give me the stink eye, or even gasp when I say I use a hemp cbd oil. AND I give the cbd to my girls, double gasp! Sheesh.

Seriously, we use hemp a lot around here. In seed form to grow hemp greens, heart form on our food and in smoothies, in milk form in all kinds of recipes, oil form in so many homemade products like lip balms, salves, and creams, and yes, even in cbd form. It is said to help with leaky gut syndrome (LGS), food intolerance, SIBO, inflammation, and autoimmune issues. https://wakeup-world.com/2017/02/10/latest-research-on-cbd-oil-offers-new-hope-for-healing-leaky-gut-syndrome-and-autoimmune-disorders/

Between all of us here at KF, we can check off that entire list. So here we are, all taking different sized doses of cbd.  We have no negative effects. Hemp causes no psychotropic reactions but instead provides many significant benefits. The main one I see for myself and Miss V (who is 7) is that it helps promote a calmer mind, less anxiety, which leads to an overall better mood and sense of well being.

The list of general health benefits from consuming hemp is long, but here’s my favorite highlights :

  • Rich in GLA which is important for hormone health, addressing PMS, ADHD, heart disease, high blood pressure, MS, RA, obesity, diabetes, and allergies
  • Addressing the RA portion since that’s part of my personal journey, hemp seed oil is found to be helpful in relieving RA symptoms
  • Digestive health – hemp is high in both soluble and unsoluble fiber, it will help keep you regular, relieve constipation, and provides food for the good bacteria in your gut to help boost your immune system
  • Excellent for your skin – hemp oil is amazing for penetrating into the inner layers your skin and helps promote healthy cell growth which helps to create healthy, smooth skin for anyone, but is especially good for those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Hemp hearts are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids. They are a great plant based protein source and contain high amounts of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. It is a “perfect protein” source, containing all 20 amino acids.

* I want to note that hemp is an excellent source of all of your omegas, but IS higher in omega 6 than 3 (like 3:1) so we use a fish oil, especially in the winter when we run out of red salmon in the freezer, to help keep that in balance *

hempcomparasonWhen growing hemp, whether it be for food, fiber, medicine, etc.. you use the whole seed. They have a super hard brown shell on them. When you buy hemp hearts to eat, those super hard shells are hulled, and you are eating the raw goodness that was inside of it. They’re pretty soft and tender. I absolutely love them on a salad with microgreens, topped with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon. Mr. Keetna Farm is not so fond of them, so he gets them hidden in his food (wink). The girls get them in their daily smoothies (we call them juicies) in either heart or milk form.

What? Hemp milk? Yep. Super quick and easy to make. We are dairy free due to allergies and intolerance, so I whip up a batch of hemp milk any time we need a dairy type liquid for a recipe. You can buy hemp milk in the store, but it has gross additives that are really just not good for you. And it’s not necessary to buy the yuck stuff when it’s so easy to make.

You just need :


And the date is totally optional. I only add it if sweetness is desired for some reason. I usually use it when making the girls’ pancakes. Other yummy additions (if desired) would be a bloop (maybe 1/2 tablespoon?) of honey or maple syrup, or any flavorings like a 1/2 tsp of vanilla, cinnamon, or cacao powder.

So ~ take all of your ingredients, put them all in a good blender together, blend on high for a minute, and done. No straining. This will give you a cup and a half of hemp milk, use what you need and store the rest in the fridge. Told you, super easy.

Are you a hemp lover too? I’d love to hear what your favorite way to use hemp is and what benefits you have seen since incorporating hemp into your daily routine!


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