Thinking Warm Thoughts and Drinking Fatty Coffee (Paleo & Keto Friendly)

Yeah… so… if spring could hurry up, that’d be pretty awesome…. I’m unsuccessfully trying to catch up on loading my Etsy shops during the little ones nap. I have a great window in front of my work space with a (normally) wonderful and inspiring view of my front yard and the woods, but it’s a rather blustery day outside today and I’m having a really hard time wanting to sit here at the moment.

So, I called in two of my best friends for help ~ cbd and fatty coffee, to keep me warm and happy.

Look how cute this little one is ~  20180401_120504I am on a huge bloomer and vintage top kick right now. Little Miss J is set for spring, summer and fall I have made so many of both in her size. Unfortunately, I fall in love with them, and then claim them instead of list them. It’s an addiction I fear. They are so damn cute – the tops layer over long sleeves and under cardigans wonderfully,  and the bloomers go over tights in colder weather and then with just bare legs in warmer weather. Seriously a perfect addition to any seasons’ wardrobe.

Obviously I’m stalling… I’d rather ramble on about how cute my little one is in her mama made clothes than actually post them on Etsy, so let’s just move on to the deliciousness that is my Fatty Coffee and forget about work for now.

I follow an anti-inflammatory “diet” for my rheumatoid arthritis. I say “diet” very loosely since the word seems to imply a short term attempt at loosing weight or decreasing inflammation, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc…

Whatever the ailment is, we often try a “diet” for a couple of weeks/30 days, and (usually) revert back to our normal routine. I have followed this lifestyle for over 4 years now so I’m beyond the diet phase into definitely in it for the long haul.  I have found myself naturally transitioning over from AIP to Keto over the last year due to some gut bacterial overgrowth issues making even once safe starches like winter squash, cassava, sweet potatoes off limits for me. Not only does it cause some horrible digestive complaints, it also causes my joints to flare up and the brain fog to become pretty unbearable. So for me, it’s pretty easy to steer clear of the “bad” stuff and stay on my path because the consequences are nasty.

Oh, and I never cut out coffee. Huge NO NO in the AIP community, but I do what I want, and I want coffee.

Meet Fatty Coffee. 20180322_133721It’s frothy, warms your soul, and fills your belly. My basic recipe is a fresh cup of coffee (does anyone actually only drink 8oz? I think mine is about 12 oz if I’m sharing a full press with Mr. KF, and more like 16oz if I’m keeping it to myself) a hunk (tablespoon ish) of cacao butter  and a tablespoon ish of coconut butter all in the blender, blended on high for 30 seconds for frothy perfection.  Add sweetener if desired.

If I’m feelin’ fancy, I add homemade hemp milk, and 1/4 tsp of  vanilla powder as well. 20180322_133857

I always start my day with black coffee but usually find myself craving one of these midday when my brain and sense of motivation starts to slow down. It’s a perfect pick me up – calories and fat for the brain and caffeine for the soul. Love.

*Quick note about the ingredients we use ~ We don’t buy a lot of processed food at all – but when we do, we have to buy as clean of foods as we can due to everyone’s various allergies and sensitivities. Cross contamination with corn is possible in almost any thing due to the way things are grown, sprayed, harvested, processed and packaged, so finding corn safe food is the first requirement for us because Miss V is very sensitive and her corn allergy is probably the “worst” one we deal with here. Corn safe whole ingredient processed foods are hard to come by, and never the cheapest option when we do find them. For example, the vanilla power is stupid expensive. I will absolutely be making our vanilla powder next time.  Pure vanilla extract purchased or homemade is an excellent option if it’s something you tolerate well. I always say I’m going to make some with a grape vodka but never end up doing it.

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