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Dandy Almond Flour Muffins

This one was definitely an experiment. As we are finishing up our homeschool dandelion unit, I was trying to come up with one for fun treat to make the girls. I have a tried and true basic almond flour muffin recipe that we use… Continue Reading “Dandy Almond Flour Muffins”

Little Bites of Sunshine ~ Dandelion Gummies

As we forage our way through spring, no matter what other beauties are in bloom, the girls are always drawn back to the sunny dandelions. And goodness knows we have no shortage of them here. They can pick to their hearts content, and there’s… Continue Reading “Little Bites of Sunshine ~ Dandelion Gummies”

Homeschool Science ~ Earthworm Study

My approach to homeschool is very…. eclectic. I “teach” from a very nature based standpoint. Creating and fostering a great love for Mother Earth and all of her creations is very important to me. I believe it helps to promote a more mindful, gentle… Continue Reading “Homeschool Science ~ Earthworm Study”

Stop the Cough Tea ~ Natural Cough and Cold Treatments for Little Ones

The plague has hit Keetna Farm. Boo. Thankfully it’s not influenza, so honestly it could be SO much worse, but still, not cool. This bug seems to start with a fever and make you just feel crummy for a couple of days, and then… Continue Reading “Stop the Cough Tea ~ Natural Cough and Cold Treatments for Little Ones”

Bee Poop

Did you know that bees poop?? I don’t know why it never occurred to me? I mean, pretty much everything poops… This is our first year with bees (obviously… ahem). I picked up our hive kit and started researching the best color to paint… Continue Reading “Bee Poop”

Thinking Warm Thoughts and Drinking Fatty Coffee (Paleo & Keto Friendly)

Yeah… so… if spring could hurry up, that’d be pretty awesome…. I’m unsuccessfully trying to catch up on loading my Etsy shops during the little ones nap. I have a great window in front of my work space with a (normally) wonderful and inspiring… Continue Reading “Thinking Warm Thoughts and Drinking Fatty Coffee (Paleo & Keto Friendly)”

We Heart Hemp

People are funny. Hemp has a weird, and unwarranted stigma. Some people know that it is *just* a plant (a pretty amazing one I will add), but some are almost embarrassed to discuss it with me openly, so it’s in hushed voices or questions… Continue Reading “We Heart Hemp”

New Microgreens Logo

Over the last two years I have test run quite a few logos for my microgreen business. I kinda liked my first one, which I used for a year or so, but it wasn’t true love. And in true rebound relationship fashion, the next… Continue Reading “New Microgreens Logo”

Happy Ostara

I absolutely love Ostara ~ honestly, it may be my favorite day of the year. Winters here are hard. And long. And cold. Right around this time every year it feels like it may be the year that winter just doesn’t end. The arrival… Continue Reading “Happy Ostara”